Battery Storage Engineer

Battery Storage Engineer


Job Description:

The ideal candidate of a Battery Storage Engineer would have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in electrical or mechanical engineering, potentially with a professional engineering (PE) license, and proficiency in relevant software like AutoCAD, MATLAB, and power system analysis tools.

Job Tasks and Responsibilities:

The key responsibilities of a Battery Storage Engineer include:

  • Developing preliminary designs and evaluating new markets, energy storage applications, and use cases for battery energy storage systems (BESS). This involves knowledge of energy markets to ensure optimal use cases for projects in front-of-the-meter and behind-the-meter
  • Conducting engineering activities such as project development support, project design, utility tariff review, energy use case modeling, developing single line diagrams, site plans, and customer utility bill evaluation.
  • Supporting the interconnection application process through technical knowledge and ensuring all design deliverables meet internal engineering standards and relevant codes.
  • Coordinating external engineering resources as needed and managing the task order and accounting process.
  • Developing specifications for BESS system controls to ensure compliance with the energy use case model.
  • Creating detailed permit and construction drawing packages for the electrical portion of BESS projects.
  • Reviewing requests for proposals and providing technical input for proposal development, including project descriptions, risk assessments, financial analysis, and supporting documentation.
  • Evaluating and selecting appropriate energy storage equipment, and providing construction support and commissioning oversight for BESS projects.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of energy storage systems and products, as well as experience reviewing utility tariffs and conducting energy market evaluations.
  • Developing energy storage use case models that incorporate equipment efficiencies, degradation, thermal management, and financial analysis.

Job Types: Full-time

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