The Foreman - Utility Construction

The Foreman - Utility Construction


Job Description:

The Foreman – Utility Construction is responsible for overseeing and coordinating construction activities on site to ensure utility projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.

Job Tasks and Responsibilities:

Key responsibilities include:

Project Management:

  • Overseeing and coordinating the daily construction activities on site
  • Ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget
  • Managing and coordinating the work of construction personnel, including operators and form carpenters

Site Supervision:

  • Conducting regular site visits to monitor progress and identify potential issues
  • Ensuring compliance with safety regulations, standards, and quality control processes
  • Maintaining accurate records of site activities and progress

Team Management:

  • Supervising and leading a crew of three or more construction personnel
  • Providing guidance, training, and support to team members
  • Ensuring effective communication and coordination among the team

Quality Control:

  • Implementing quality control measures to ensure high-quality workmanship and compliance with project specifications
  • Conducting regular inspections to identify and address any issues

Budget and Resource Management:

  • Managing project budgets and resources effectively
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce costs and minimize risk
  • Ensuring all project expenses are accounted for and within budget

Requirements and Skills:

The ideal candidate typically has 5+ years of experience in underground construction trades, with a proven track record of successfully completing projects from start to finish.

A bachelor’s degree in engineering, construction management, or a related field is often required, along with strong communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

Job Types: Full-time

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