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.Enhancing Business Sustainability With Solar

Embracing solar energy can bring several advantages to your business, including cost savings and sustainability achievements. Solar power, as a renewable energy source, aligns with Ireland’s environmental priorities and is gaining traction among businesses seeking clean energy solutions. This transition benefits both the environment and your business’s financial bottom line, resulting in long-term energy bill reductions.

Financial Advantages

Solar energy investment offers substantial financial advantages for your business. The SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) offers grants to support businesses in adopting solar panels, and we collaborate with SEAI registered installers to facilitate your participation in these programs. Each solar panel installation we provide includes a reassuring 20-25 year guarantee, ensuring lasting cost savings for your business. Remarkably, the typical payback period for solar panel installations spans a mere 4-5 years, establishing it as a fiscally astute investment for your company.

About EverPower

EverPower, an Irish-owned company, is dedicated to aiding businesses in their transition to solar energy. As an accredited SEAI installer, we possess the expertise to help businesses optimise their return on investment in solar energy. We guide businesses in accessing grants earmarked for solar energy projects, simplifying the application process. By leveraging our proficiency and insights, businesses can seamlessly and confidently make the switch to solar energy.

.Unlock Solar Grants for Commercial

The Non-Domestic Microgen Grant (NDMG) provides financial assistance to help businesses and other sectors to install solar PV panels to generate electricity on site. This technology reduces commercial electricity costs and increases security of supply, while enhancing a positive sustainability image. Grant funding is available for systems up to a maximum 1000kWp. We are an SEAI registered company.

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