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As the world moves towards sustainable energy solutions, the solar industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. Investing in solar projects not only contributes to a greener planet but also offers substantial financial returns. We invite you to explore the exciting opportunities that come with partnering with us as an investor in solar projects.

Step into the forefront of the renewable energy revolution with EverPower. At EverPower, we are more than just a solar panel installation company. We are pioneers in the renewable energy revolution, dedicated to transforming the energy landscape with innovative and sustainable solar solutions.

By investing in EverPower, you’re not just investing in a company; you’re investing in the future of our planet.

Why Invest in Solar Energy?

Why Invest in Solar Energy?

Sustainable Returns

Long-Term Revenue Streams: Solar energy projects typically have long operational lifespans, providing stable and predictable returns over 20-25 years.

Government Incentives: Benefit from attractive government subsidies, tax credits, and rebates that enhance project profitability.

Economic Benefits

Reduce Carbon Footprint: Support projects that significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions and help combat climate change.

Promote Renewable Energy: Play a vital role in the global transition towards clean energy and sustainable development.

Experience and Technology

Technological Innovation: EverPower leverages technological innovation to optimize the performance and efficiency of its solar farm projects.

Technological Advancements: Continuous innovations in solar technology lead to improved efficiency and reduced costs, making solar projects more lucrative.

Sustainable Investment

ESG Principles: Investing in EverPower aligns with sustainable investment strategies, supporting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

Climate Action: Renewable energy investments contribute to combating climate change and promoting a greener future, enhancing the overall sustainability profile of investors' portfolios.

Long-Term Growth Potential

Renewable Energy Sector Growth: EverPower's focus on solar farm development positions the company for long-term growth in the rapidly expanding renewable energy sector.

Capital Appreciation: As global demand for clean energy continues to rise, investments in solar farms offer potential for capital appreciation and long-term value creation.

Market Growth

Rising Demand: With increasing awareness and demand for renewable energy, the solar market is set to expand rapidly in the coming years.

Market Expansion:
EverPower's strategic focus on solar projects positions investors to capitalize on the expanding renewable energy market, offering potential for long-term growth and increased market share.

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  • Stable and Predictable Returns
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  • EverPower
  • Ireland Solar Industry Experts
  • Stable and Predictable Returns
  • Minimal Environmental Impact

Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities


Utility-Scale Solar Project

Large-scale installations that supply renewable energy to the grid, offering significant returns through power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Commercial Solar Project

Solar installations for businesses, industrial facilities and agriculture, providing energy cost savings and attractive investment returns.

Emerging Technologies

Investment in cutting-edge solar technologies, such as bifacial panels and solar-plus-storage systems, to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving market.

Utility-Scale Solar

Utility-Scale Solar Project

Investment in utility-scale solar projects offers a comprehensive pathway to capitalize on the growing demand for renewable energy. This opportunity unfolds in three distinct stages. Initially, EverPower embark on solar farm development, which involves meticulous site selection, land acquisition, and navigating regulatory requirements.

Following this, the project transitions to engaging with engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors. These contractors oversee the intricate process of designing, procuring materials, and constructing the solar farm infrastructure.

Once operational, investors can leverage long-term contracts with energy buyers to sell the generated electricity (IPP, PPA, RESS etc.). These power purchase agreements (PPAs) provide a stable revenue stream, ensuring financial security and sustained returns over the project’s lifespan.

Utility-scale solar projects typically progress through three essential stages:

  • Solar Farm Development: This initial stage involves the development of large-scale solar installations aimed at grid-scale electricity generation. EverPower specializes in solar farm development, ensuring efficient project execution and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • EPC Contractor: EverPower provides comprehensive EPC services for utility-scale solar projects. As a main contractor, EverPower manages the entire project lifecycle, from design and equipment procurement to construction and commissioning. Additionally, EverPower offers subcontracting services for specific project components, leveraging its expertise in EPC services.
  • Solar Project Integration: Following construction, EverPower facilitates the sale of generated electricity through various modes such as IPP, PPA, and RESS. These modes ensure the sustainable monetization of solar energy generated, contributing to the overall success of the project.

Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Project

Investment opportunities in commercial solar projects extend to diverse sectors, including industrial and agricultural applications. Business and Industrial solar installations cater to the energy needs of manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers, providing a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional power sources.

Similarly, agricultural solar projects offer benefits to farmers by powering irrigation systems, crop drying processes, and other farm operations. Additionally, investors can capitalize on power purchase agreements (PPAs) with corporate clients, securing long-term contracts for the sale of solar-generated electricity. These agreements ensure stable revenue streams and foster mutually beneficial partnerships between investors and commercial entities seeking renewable energy solutions.

Commercial solar projects offer diverse opportunities across commercial, including business, industry and agricultural industrial.

  • Business and Industry: EverPower provides tailored solar solutions for manufacturing plants, warehouses, buildings and distribution centers, offering sustainable and cost-effective energy alternatives.
  • Agricultural Projects: EverPower empowers farmers with solar solutions for irrigation systems, crop drying, and farm operations, reducing electricity costs and enhancing sustainability.

Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies

Investing in emerging solar technologies presents an opportunity to drive innovation and efficiency in the renewable energy sector. Energy storage solutions, such as battery storage systems, enhance the reliability and flexibility of solar power generation, enabling grid stability and peak demand management.

Smart grid integration technologies optimize the integration of solar energy into existing electricity networks, facilitating seamless and efficient energy distribution. Furthermore, advancements in solar tracking systems improve the efficiency of solar panels by optimizing their orientation to the sun’s position throughout the day.

Additionally, ongoing research and development initiatives focus on enhancing the efficiency and performance of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, furthering the competitiveness and viability of solar energy as a sustainable power source.

Sources of Investment Return Methods

Sources of Investment Return Methods


ROI in Development Stage

During the development stage, investors' funds are utilized for solar farm development, including site acquisition, permitting, planning, and grid connection. Once all preparations are complete, EverPower may sell the developed land to companies interested in setting up EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contracts on the land. Investors receive returns from the sale of the developed land.

ROI in Energy Sale Stage

After completing solar farm development and EPC contracts, the solar farm begins generating energy. EverPower sells this energy through various modes such as Independent Power Producer (IPP), Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), or Renewable Energy Support Scheme (RESS) etc. Investors receive returns from the sale of solar-generated energy through these modes.

ROI in Sale Entire Project

Once solar farm development and EPC contracts are complete, and the solar farm is operational, EverPower may decide to sell the entire project to another entity.

Investors receive returns from the sale of the entire project, including the developed land, infrastructure, and operational solar farm. Profits from the sale are distributed among investors.


Investors FAQs


What is EverPower's mission focused on?

EverPower is a renewable energy company specializing in the development, construction, and operation of utility-scale and commercial solar projects. The company aims to harness the power of renewable energy to create a sustainable future.

What types of projects does EverPower undertake?

EverPower focuses on utility-scale solar projects, commercial solar projects, and other renewable energy initiatives. These projects include solar farms, rooftop solar systems, solar carports, and energy storage solutions etc.

What are the benefits of investing in EverPower?

Investing in EverPower offers stable returns, diversification of investment portfolios, and the opportunity to contribute to environmental sustainability.

Additionally, EverPower’s projects often have positive impacts on local communities, creating jobs and supporting economic development.

What is the typical Return On Investment (ROI) for solar projects?

The ROI for commercial solar projects can vary depending on factors such as project size, location, financing structure, and electricity prices. However, commercial solar projects generally offer attractive returns with stable, long-term revenue streams.

How does EverPower ensure the success of the projects?

EverPower employs a comprehensive approach to project development and management, including thorough site assessment, customized design, high-quality construction, efficient operation, and ongoing maintenance.

Additionally, EverPower leverages its expertise in financing, regulatory compliance, and stakeholder engagement to maximize project success.

What are the investment opportunities available at EverPower?

EverPower provides various investment options, including equity investments, debt financing, and strategic partnerships. Each opportunity allows investors to participate in the advancement of solar energy solutions in Ireland.

How can I obtain more information about investing in EverPower in Ireland?

For more information about investment opportunities with EverPower in Ireland, please contact our investor relations team at info@everpower.ie or call us at +353 1 625 1000. We are here to assist you with any questions or inquiries you may have.

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