PV Farm Development

PV Farm Development

Solar Farm

Harness the Power of Your Land with EverPower

Are you a landowner looking for a stable, long-term income? EverPower offers an excellent opportunity to lease your land for solar farm projects. With the Irish government’s commitment to renewable energy and the increasing demand for sustainable energy sources, there has never been a better time to explore the benefits of hosting a solar farm on your property. By partnering with us, you can transform your land into a source of renewable energy, benefiting both your finances and the environment.

Ireland’s solar energy market is rapidly expanding, driven by favorable government policies and incentives aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting green energy. As a landowner, you can contribute to Ireland’s sustainable future while securing a reliable income stream. The rural landscape and ample sunshine make many areas in Ireland ideal for solar farm development, presenting a unique opportunity for landowners to capitalize on this growing industry.

What's In It for Landowners?

What's In It for Landowners?

Financial Stability

Long-Term, Stable Income: Enjoy a reliable and steady income stream over the long term with leasing contracts typically spanning 20-30 years.

Enhanced Land Value: Increase the overall value of your land by hosting a solar farm, making it a more attractive asset for potential buyers or lessees.

Low Land Use Impact

Efficient Land Utilization: Solar farms optimize land use by generating renewable energy from unused or underutilized land, maximizing the productive potential of your property.

No Structural Development: Unlike traditional construction projects, solar farms require no permanent structures, preserving the natural characteristics of the land.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Stewardship: Contribute to reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy, playing a crucial role in combating climate change and build a sustainable future.

Contribution to Energy Independence: Promote the use of renewable energy for Ireland, and become part of the vital transition to sustainable energy sources.

Long-Term Partnership

Lasting Relationship: Forge a lasting partnership with EverPower, built on mutual trust and collaboration for the duration of the lease agreement.

Positive Public Image: Enhance your reputation as an environmentally responsible landowner, positively influencing your standing in the community and beyond.

Solar Farm Development Process

Solar Farm Development Process


Site Evaluation

EverPower will assess your land's suitability for a solar farm, considering factors such as sunlight exposure, land size, and grid connectivity, to determine the optimal layout for the solar farm.

Our experts will analyze topographical features, shading, and other site-specific considerations to maximize energy generation.


Proposal and Agreement

Based on the site evaluation, EverPower will present a detailed proposal outlining the terms of the lease agreement.

The proposal will include projected income, lease duration, and any additional terms or conditions. Once both parties reach an agreement, a lease contract will be signed.


Permitting and Planning

EverPower will handle all necessary permitting and planning applications, ensuring the project compliance with local regulations and securing the required approvals.

Our team will work closely with regulatory authorities to streamline the permitting process and expedite approvals.


Installation and Commissioning

With permits secured, EverPower will commence the installation of the solar farm. Our experienced team will oversee the whole process, from site preparation to the installation of solar panels and associated infrastructure.

Once construction is complete, the solar farm will undergo rigorous testing and commissioning to ensure optimal performance.


Operation and Maintenance

After commissioning, designated asset management company will assume responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the solar farm.

Our team will monitor performance, conduct routine inspections, and address any maintenance issues to ensure the continued efficiency and reliability of the solar farm.

Strengths of EverPower

Strengths of EverPower

Expertise and Experience

Proven Track Record: EverPower has a robust history of successfully developing and operating solar farms across various regions. Our expertise ensures that every project meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Skilled Team: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in solar energy, project management, and engineering. Their expertise drives the success of our solar farm projects.

Technology and Innovation

Cutting-Edge Solutions: We utilize the latest solar technologies and innovative solutions to maximize energy production and efficiency. Our commitment to innovation keeps us at the forefront of the renewable energy sector.

Smart Integration: EverPower integrates advanced monitoring and control systems to optimize the performance and reliability of our solar farms, ensuring consistent energy output.

Comprehensive Process

End-to-End Solutions: EverPower handles every aspect of solar farm development, from initial feasibility studies and permitting to construction. Our comprehensive approach ensures seamless project execution.

Regulatory Compliance: We navigate the complex regulatory landscape to secure all necessary permits and approvals, ensuring that our projects comply with local and national regulations.

Customized Solutions

Tailored Approaches: We understand that each project is unique. EverPower offers customized solutions that cater to the specific needs and conditions of each site, maximizing the potential of every solar farm.

Flexible Partnerships: Whether you are a landowner, investor, or energy buyer, we work closely with our partners to develop tailored agreements that meet your goals and requirements.

Strong Partnerships

Industry Connections: EverPower has built strong relationships with key stakeholders in the renewable energy sector, these connections enhance our project capabilities.

Collaborative Approach: We foster collaborative partnerships with local communities, governments, and businesses to ensure the success and sustainability of our solar farm projects.

Quality and Safety

High Standards: We adhere to rigorous quality standards and best practices in every phase of our projects. Our commitment to excellence ensures reliable and long-lasting solar farm operations.

Safety First: EverPower prioritizes safety in all our activities, implementing stringent safety protocols to protect our workers, partners, and the environment.

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Solar Farm FAQs


How do Landowner know if the land is suitable for a solar farm?

EverPower conducts a thorough assessment to determine the suitability of the land for a solar farm. Factors such as sunlight exposure, land size, and grid connectivity are considered during the evaluation process.

What are the benefits of leasing land for a solar farm?

Leasing land for a solar farm provides a reliable and steady income stream over the long term. Additionally, it enhances the value of the land, contributes to environmental sustainability, and promotes energy independence.

How long are the lease agreements for solar farms?

Lease agreements for solar farms typically span 20-30 years, providing landowners with a stable and predictable income over an extended period.

How does leasing the land for a solar farm contribute to environmental sustainability?

Solar farms generate clean, renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability. By hosting a solar farm, landowner play a crucial role in combating climate change and supporting a greener future.

What type of landowner can lease the land for a solar farm?

Landowners who own the land or land agencies with long-term land resources can contact EverPower to inquire about leasing their land for solar farm development. We welcome inquiries from individuals or organizations interested in partnering with us to build sustainable energy infrastructure.

How do landowner get started with leasing land for a solar farm?

Reach out to us at info@everpower.ie or call +353 1 625 1000. Our team will assess the land’s suitability and provide you with detailed information on the leasing process and potential benefits.

Seeking to lease your land for long-term, stable income?

Consider leasing your land with EverPower for reliable returns.